The HeartSong is our oldest and most popular video package. It is a sophisticated full-line video of 8 to 10 minutes in length produced in Beta-SP, DVCPro-50, DigiBeta, or higher formats. Like the lower priced ReJoice, the production includes both testimony from your people and the pastor. But, there is a huge difference between the use of that testimony in the ReJoice package and the way that it is used in the HeartSong. As in the ReJoice, testimony is used to affirm the way that God is active in the lives of the people in your church. But, in the HeartSong we use a special process that draws from people a tremendous passion for fulfilling that "need" and how it will utilize the money pledged from your capital campaign. True, the Rejoice makes this call, too, but using the Voice-Over narrator, while the HeartSong pulls this call directly from the people. Your people. In the HeartSong, this special testimony technique takes that passionate story and weaves a thread of meaning that intricately joins all the parts in the eyes and hearts of the audience. In short, your peoples' hearts sing to the other members of the church. Often, the result of this process means little or no voice-over narrator is used. Instead, the people tell the story and frequently you don't recognize that there is not a narrator. Finally, the HeartSong uses all of the sophisticated DVEs and even more multiple superimpositions (one picture overlaying another) than the ReJoice. This means that with these intense video edits and the increase in audio edits the estimated edit count (80 to 100 per edited minute in the ReJoice) rises substantially to a range of 170 to over 200 edits per edited minute.